Short Stories

Note: These are posted for the amusement of the players, not IC information for characters. It may be that some of the older information is available if characters go looking, but certainly not all, especially anything which occurs within the Sable universe.


Back History (TM Calendar) In-Game (TM Calendar) After Creation (Sable Calendar)
Childhood Images,
Millbank Manor, 1700-01
Millbank Manor/The Café Royal,
June 1995
The Building of Sable,
Advent Sunday 2014
Panenske Brezany,
1st May SY153
Millbank Woods,
October 1713
August 1995
First Days,
January SY000
The King's Isle and Elsewhere,
Late-May SY153
King's College Cambridge,
July 1720
Millbank Manor,
June 1996
First Meetings,
January SY000
Destruction and Rebirth,
July SY153
The Scilly Isles, Millbank Manor,
March-April 1740
March 1997/October 1723
Sable Palace/Argent,
March SY009
Sable Royal Hospital,
Early-October SY153
St James's Palace,
Summer Solstice 1740
Intimations of Immortality,
Millbank Manor, March 2005/ Chicago, Illinois, 1995
Millbank Manor,
October SY051
Riversend Naval Base,
All Hallows Eve/Samhain SY153
September 1743
November 2013
Concerns: Sable Palace Library,
February SY113
The Imperial Palace, Eboracum,
22nd December SY153
Millbank Parish Church,
November 1775
Amber Dungeons,
Early November
The Creation of Murray,
The RoC Shadows, June SY113
Sable Palace/Chicago IL,
Late-December SY153/Mid-2007
May 1792
Avon Palace/Los Angeles, California
Lost and Found,
The RoC Shadows, July SY113
Sable Palace,
3rd January SY154
March 1794
Larkhilll Garrison, Salisbury Plain,
January 2014
Murray Palace,
February SY115
Sable Palace,
6th January SY154
May 1794
Millbank Manor,
Late-January 2014
To Save a Soul,
Murray/Sable, May SY117
Sable Palace/Manira,
Later the Same Evening
Millbank Manor/London,
Spring 1795
Rebma Pattern Room,
Some Days After the Invasion
Contact and Creation,
December SY119
Bridge House/Cheyne,
16th January SY154
November 1887
Millbank Manor,
15th March 2014
On the Channelling of Energy,
The Klieburg Mountains/Millbank,
19th January SY154
Terra Magica,
March to December 2014
Mutually Assured Destruction??
Berlin, Early Morning,
14th February SY154
Millbank Manor and Elsewhere,
June 1903
January 2015
Sable/The Technocracy,
December SY149 to April SY150
March SY154
July 1940
  Critical List,
Sable Palace June to July SY151
Sable Palace,
9th April SY154
December 1941 to July 1942
July SY151
Sable Palace,
1st May SY154
Revelations in a Glass of Wine,
London, January 1944
July SY151
Sable Palace/Schloss Wardenburg,
2nd May SY154
The Ardennes,
December 1944
August SY151
Sable Palace and Elsewhere,
May SY154
The Worcester Hunt Ball,
Millbank Manor, May 1980
August SY151
Sable Palace and Elsewhere,
1st June SY154
Millbank Manor/Tir-na Nog'th,
October 1990
  Sable/Berlin Lebensborn Centre,
Christmas Night, SY151
Sable Palace/Argent,
3rd June SY154
    Sable Palace/Hradcany Castle,
Epiphany SY152
The King's Isle,
1st July SY154
    Afternoon Tea,
Panenske Brezany, July SY152
Mid-October SY154
    Aftermath, Sable/Murray,
Late-October/Early-November SY152
Sable Palace Infirmary/Veil 50,
18th October SY154
    Panenske Brezany/The Wewelsburg,
March SY153
Sable Palace and Elsewhere,
March SY155
Sable Palace March SY153
The Sable Mountains, April SY153