Ian HawkeLord Mayor of Amber

Son of Bleys of Amber and Swayvanna, daughter of Swayville


Trump Descripion

Ian looks to be in his late thirties. He stands around 6'0", and is lithe rather than muscular, looking as if he keeps himself fit. He has a healthy, outdoor complexion and somewhat boyish good looks, although the latter effect is often lost under a slight case of four o'clock shadow. His hair is cut fairly short, and is light brown with distinct auburn tints, and he has hazel eyes. He is dressed simply, in jeans and a plain black t-shirt, with no visible weaponry.

He is pictured standing at the foot of an ornate staircase, beautifully carved with what looks like some kind of leaf and flower motif. The panelling above the steps suggests some kind of old world stately home. His chin is resting in his hand, as if he was trying to do thoughtful, but he is looking at the artist with a slightly mischievous look on his face and the trace of a smile.

Astral Form

In his astral form, Ian looks somewhat younger, and his hair is more red and noticeably longer. He’s dressed in a leather jerkin over a woollen tunic, dark breeches and riding boots, with a cloak falling from him shoulders. There is a heavy, cross-hilt sword at his hip and a dagger in his boot. 

Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Prefers black, grey, blue; will wear white shirts if appropriate.
Formal Manages to make a tux look really good. Hasn't got his head around Amber court formal.
Everyday Usually wears business suits when working as Lord Mayor of Amber.
Back on Tenterden, when lecturing, he tends more towards open necked shirts with semi-smart trousers and possibly a blazer.
Casual T-shirts (long and short sleeved) and jeans or cargo pants most commonly, often with a leather jacket.
Father: King-elect Bleys of Amber. Mother: Swayvanna, daughter of King Swayville of Chaos.
He has two acknowledged children: Wolf Ulrich, with whom he remains close; and Artur Acker, who he barely knows.
Titles, positions and distinctions
Duke of Amber City
Lord Mayor of Amber City
Home Secretary
Duke of Upper Essex
Admiral of the Amber Merchant Marine
Knight Commander of the Order of St. Maud and Albert
High Grandson of King Swayville and Prince of the Void
Sir Ian Hawke, Baronet (Tenterden title, not that he particularly uses it)
Ian Michael Cushing (the name on his original birth certificate)
Ian Michaels (author of speculative fiction)
Michael Cushing (jazz musician)
Mikael Cuijper (Pulitzer-winning journalist)
Ian Swayville Helgram Barriman
Place of interest
His home Shadow, Tenterden: Started off as a straight earth analogue, but history diverged during the Second World War. Local date is early-2008.
The Mansion House - residence of the Lord Mayor of Amber
The Barony of Chippenham
Eagle Island Resort.
Items and possessions
He usually wears a silver ankh medallion on a leather thong around his neck, and more than once has been seen to use a short, meteoric iron blade as an athame.
Also has a sapphire and gold ring on a Celtic hart mount.
Trials and tribulations, accomplishments
Settling in as Mayor of Amber.
Devising the volcano attack on Rebma and protecting Amber from a Jewel-inspired hurricane.

Involvement in the Working which destroyed Random's Army: whether this is an accomplishment or a tribulation is open to debate.

Has recently come to the conclusion that Bleys was not worth his support as King of Amber.