Places of Interest


Millbank Manor Millbank Manor is set in 250 acres on the Worcester/Gloucester border in good old England (on a variety of Shadows! including Terra Magica and Earth Prime). The original house was built in 1600 and is black and white, but a new Cotswold stone (a yellowish sandstone) wing was added in 1700, by Robert's father. At the same time, the raised terrace and stairway seen in his original Trump picture were added, and the the formal gardens were laid out, including a distinctive yew hedge maze.

The great hall is in the older part of the building, and has a minstrel's gallery at one end with stairs leading up to it. A balcony runs the whole length of the room. There are weapons and tapestries on the walls, and a huge fireplace. The wood-pannelled dining room, music room and old library are also in this wing.

The kitchen leads off the old hall, with another staircase going up from it, and beyond them is the stable yard and kitchen garden. Around the stables and coach house you will probably see a couple of retrievers running around, as well as several cats.

The main entrance hall, with a large staircase and the doors to various rooms, is in this newer wing of the building. A new library was built in this wing, with bookshelves from floor to ceiling - all three storeys of it (ground, first, second). There is a balcony to one side of the first floor, and of the second, with a wrought iron spiral staircase leading from top to bottom. Robert's private rooms are up there, and his study is immediately below it. Right at the top of the spiral staircase is Robert's art studio.

The decor in the new wing is late eighteenth century - solid, plastered, coloured walls, with plaster work picked out in white for decoration, and freizes and reliefs on the ceilings. There are a lot of paintings around, including family portraits of the de Lacy family. The furniture is mainly seventeenth and eighteenth century - heavy wooden chairs and tables, upholstered in fine fabrics.

Also noticeable, is that lights do not appear to be electrically powered - but neither are they oil lamps or candles. In fact, looking at the house the tech level of the Shadow is obviously mid- to late-nineteenth century, rather than twentieth. No TV, no video, no computer, no usual kitchen appliances - you get the general idea. A small, thatched stone church was built in the grounds, and is the parish church for the village of Millbank, where the de Lacys were lords of the manor. It is just visible in the trees off to one side of the garden, and contains the family mausoleum.
Murray All external relations between the Kingdom of Sable and the Rest of Creation are handled through Murray. It is the trading centre, financial interface, etc, between the main Sable System, and everywhere else - effectively its Point of Presence in the RoC. It can only be Trumped into directly if the caller is well known to Robert or his regent, James. Otherwise, people entering Murray will Trump through to the Gateway, and be met from there.

More details of Murray and Huntly can be found in the Sable Game pages.
Sable It is only possible to get to Terra Magica and Sable with the help of Robert or one of his appointed representatives (notably Andrew, Dominic, Kita, William or James). Access is through the original Millbank Manor, and then onward into Sable. Normally only family and close friends go through to Sable proper, the majority of other business taking place in Murray.

Details of the Kingdom of Sable can be found in the Sable Game pages.