Wolf UlrichSon and Heir of Ian Hawke

Heir Presumptive to Bleys of Amber


Trump Description

At times past, Wolf has looked slightly older than his biological father, through various quirks of fate, although how much older seemed to vary on his mood. Currently, however, they appear more of an age with each other than they have for many years. He stands about 5'11", is solidly built - with muscle rather than fat - and it's obvious that he regularly works out. He has dark blond/brown hair, cut short to his ears in a semi-military cut, often with five o'clock shadow, or possibly a light beard. When he's clean shaven, it's more obvious that under his weathered complexion, his features are well-defined - chiseled even - and he looks out at the world through clear blue eyes which give the impression of having seen more than his apparent age would suggest.

Like Ian, he is pictured with a carved wooden staircase beside him, obviously the grand staircase in an old manor house. He is looking directly at the artist, as if surveying him or taking his measure, a trace of a smile on his lips. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt with a slight v-neck, and a pair of dark cotton trousers, and he appears unarmed.

Astral Form

Wolf’s astral form harks back to his original upbringing and appearance. His hair is more blonde, although his eyes are as clear and blue as ever, and the bearing is decidedly military. He is dressed in clothing which is obviously based on a uniform, although it has no identifiable insignia. There is a sabre at his left side and a dagger hangs at on his opposite hip. 

Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Darker reds, greys, blacks, white.
Formal C21 formal, usually of good quality and tailored. Needs a special occasion to get him into a suit.
Everyday Open necked shirts, often grey or white. Rarely wears a tie. Well pressed trousers, usually cotton or wool.
Casual Long-sleeved t-shirts or cotton/denim shirts, and jeans, although they would always be clean and smart. Occasionally wears short-sleeves, but is more likely to half-roll long sleeves to the middle of his forearms.
When he left Germany he was complete cut off by his German family, who considered him a dishonourable traitor. However, he returned to Germany in 1980 and answered for the charges against him.
After moving to England, he married his best friend's widow, and has a step-daughter from that marriage.
Has a good fraternal relationship with the man he later discovered to be his biological father, Ian Hawke, although as always with these things, there have been bumps in teh road along the way.

Has seven children, of which he has a close relationship with two: Armand Becker, who he considers his heir;  and Soren Ulrich, who recently came to live with him on Tenterden.
Titles, positions and distinctions
Prince of Amber, and Heir Presumptive to Bleys of Amber
Duke of Harminshire
Marquis of Emmery Island
Knight Commander of the Order of the Unicorn
Commander of the Order of the Jewel of Judgement
Acknowledged as a member of the House of Brandenburg, with the courtesy title of Prince
Count Palatine of Helgram
Member of the Lion Legion of Mercy (Helgram honour)
Heir to the Baronetcy of Tenterden, as Ian's eldest son
Landgraf von Geslau and Knight of the Order of the Black Eagle, Germania
Freiherr, Tenterden
Oberführer, SS-Ahnenerbe, Germania and Tenterden
Holds a Doctorate in Forensic Science, having requalified after he changed his day-to-day identity from Wolf Ulrich to Rudi Hawke.
Wolfgang Armand Ulrich
Rudolf (Rudi) Hawke.
Place of interest
Splits his time between Amber and Tenterden
Items and possessions
Always carries a knife in an ankle sheath.
SS-honour dagger and another similar blade with more Celtic markings, both of which he's used in ritual magic, depending on the school he's working in.

Sapphire ring used as a magical focus.
Trials and tribulations, accomplishments
Managed to adjust from being born and raised in Nazi Germany, to becoming a forensic scientist and private investigator in England.
In the years after he defected, he carried a death sentence for treason and murder from the Greater German Reich, although this was deemed discharged in October 1980, when he was restored to his previous rank and privileges.
He still retains the dubious distinction of having been dishonourably discharged from the SS-Einsatzgruppen.

Is now getting used to his new job and position in Amber.