Robert de LacyKing and Creator of Sable

Son of Delwin of Amber and Jasra, daughter of Suhuy


Trump Descriptions


Robert looks to be in his early thirties (although since it was drawn he's aged somewhat). He is about 5'10" in height, his build is average to medium, and he looks as if he keeps himself very fit. He has shoulder length, blond hair, usually tied back (c1790 style), and deep green eyes. He has a pleasant, if not stunningly handsome face, with well defined features and a slightly pale complexion.

He is pictured at the top of a staircase down from the flagstone terrace of a large, stone, creeper covered stately home. The day appears bright and sunny. Robert's hand rests on the top of the stone balustrade which acts as the banister down the staircase. He is wearing hunting pink - white shirt, red hunting jacket, jodhpurs and tan-topped black riding boots. He carries no obvious weapons.

Post Sable

Nowadays, Robert appears to be in early-forties, and certainly within Sable itself his hair is normally worn short, rather than shoulder length as in the old days, although this seems to be a relatively new habit.

He is pictured standing on a rock promontory, overlooking a volcanic lake of the deepest blue. Across the lake, a slightly curving, rocky wall can be seen, partly covered in pine trees, and in front of that, a small island can be seen. 

He is wearing a long sleeved white shirt, open at the neck, and dark trousers. A dark jacket is on the rocks at his feet him. He appears to be unarmed.

Character information

Preferred clothing
Colours Prefers black, grey, red.
Formal His preferred formal wear is a black dinner suit (tuxedo, etc), and a white formal shirt, with claret red accessories.
Everyday Most often in everyday life, Robert will wear either a two or three-piece suit (usually black or grey), a grey or white shirt and tie.
Casual When relaxing, he usually wears light coloured open shirts - long or short sleeved, depending on the weather - and smart casual trousers. It's very rare to find him in jeans.
Titles, positions and distinctions
King of Sable/Murray Duke of Worcester (Terra Magica, Earth Prime)
Poor Knight of the Order of the Unicorn
Member of the Order of Kolvir Mountain
Knight of the Order of the Phoenix (Kashfa)
Knight Commander of the Order of the Comet (Brandenburg)
Grand Commander of the Order of Swayvill (Chaos)
Grand Commander of the Order of the Serpent (GCS)
Grand Duke of Welford (current) and Minister without Portfolio (Thelbane)
Powers and creations
Sable Pattern, Murray Pattern, Terra Magica/Tenné.

He is also one of the best mages and healers in creation.
Items and possessions
Robert has a lightweight Sabre, although it spends most of its time hanging over the mantle shelf at Millbank.

He wears a number of rings, on both hands. One is obviously his wedding ring, there are signets on both little fingers, and another relatively plain ring is on his right ring finger.

He also wears an identity bracelet on his left wrist.It is known that he has at least one Palantir.
Robert's main achievement was building Sable, with building Murray and Tenné a later part and parcel of that.

Proving his innocence after the 'Sable War', when it was proven to have been none of his doing.

Assisting in the Shadow War.
Trials and tribulations
Main recent tribulations have involved the recent attentions of Paolo's machine guns.

Prior to that it was probably anger management.