Rupert DelatzEarl of Walsingham, Reichsführer-SS

Son of Delwin of Amber and Jasra, daughter of Suhuy; younger "twin" of Robert de Lacy


Original Trump Descripion

Delatz looks to be in his early forties. He is about 5'10" in height, his build is average to medium, and he looks as if he keeps himself very fit. He has short blond hair, cut slightly longer than military style. His eyes are deep green, but there is a slightly cold look to them. His appearance would probably be considered striking, although his features are a little harsh, with a somewhat Germanic look to them, and are not particularly helped by a long scar on his left cheek which seems comparatively recent.

He is pictured at the top of a staircase down from the flagstone terrace of a dark stone building, possibly some kind of fortified manor house. His hand rests on the top of the stone balustrade which acts as the banister down the staircase. He is dressed in what looks like a black military uniform, except that the only sign of insignia is a horse's head pin in the lapel of his uniform jacket.


Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Black, silver, purple, brown
Formal On formal occasions within his lands he will usually be in dress uniform. On the Outside, it is more likely to be tuxedo, etc
Everyday Either uniform fatigues/feldgrau, or non-uniform clothing cut in a semi-military style. Occasionally he will wear suits.
Casual Casual clothing will usually be dark - often black, brown or grey cotton shirts and dark twill or cotton trousers.
Titles, positions and distinctions
Herzog von Bremen
Grand Duke of Walsingham (Thelbane) and Minister without Portfolio
Grand Commander of the Order of Swayvill (Chaos)
Emperor of Byzantium (EP)
Powers and creations
Magica Superior Pattern

He is also one of the best mages creation, with forensic, healing and genetics specialities.
Items and possessions
Signets on each little finger, and a ring with a wheel device on the ring finger of his right hand.

Uniform honour sword and SS dagger which he uses as an athame.
Keeping the Reich running smoothly (and the trains running on time)

Striking the final blow for victory in the Shadow War.
Trials and tribulations
A constant game of one-upmanship with his elder brother.

Increasingly significant issues with his eldest nephew.