The Kingdom of Sable


The flag of the Kingdom of Sable
Geography of Magica Superior Details of the Primary Realm in the Middle Lands of the
Sable universe
Government His Majesty's Government
The Judiciary Organisation of the Sable legal framework
Life within Sable A general introduction to life in the Kingdom
Magic in Sable Magic in Society
The Sable Military Organisation of the regular military, and its senior officers
The Sable Security Services Organisation of the security services and military intelligence
King Robert and Queen Claire A little about the King and Creator of the Sable universe, and his much-loved Queen
The Royal Family Descriptions of the other members of the Royal Family
(including the family tree)
City Notables Important non-military personalities within the Kingdom
Sable Palace An informal tour of the Royal staterooms; the King's Messengers
Royalty and Nobility Details of the precedence of the Royal Family and the Nobility, plus the major Noble families
Orders of Chivalry Orders of chivalry and gallantry awards in the Kingdom
Major Merchant Families Details of the major non-noble families in Sable
The Reich Embassy The Reich diplomatic mission in Sable
The current date in Sable and the Commonwealth, plus the gateway world of Murray and the Silver Shadows, is August SY 157