Wolf UlrichHelgram Representative in the Black Zone

Son of Elowen, Grandson of Daveth Helgram and Dybele Hendrake


Trump Description

In his human form, Jowan looks to be in his mid-to-late-thirties. He stands 6’1”, and has the build of an athlete, rather than a bodybuilder, probably weighing in in the region of 165lb. He very much has the Helgram stamp about him. His hair is noticeably red, short at the sides but slightly longer on the top , and he has sapphire blue eyes which darken towards the edges of the pupils. He comes across as always observing and taking an interest in his surroundings.

He is pictured in front of some kind of multi-coloured glass structure or artwork, twisted in a variety of different shapes which almost look like tentacles. He is dressed simply, in a blue shirt and dark grey trousers, and updated versions of his Trump have him carrying a blade on his right hip. He also has a falconer’s glove on his right hand, on which is perched a hawk roughly the size and shape of a peregrine falcon, but with plumage more like a golden eagle.

His other standard forms are a red fox; an elemental form based on planes of glass, and a compact, combat-orientated demon form which looks like liquid metal.

Character Information

Preferred clothing
Colours Heraldic: Indigo and gold.

Preferred clothing:  Brighter blues and reds; darker greens and browns; occasionally purples.
Formal Depending on where he is, either Chaos Court formal or C21 Earth formal. He can carry off both with equal style.
Everyday Open necked button-down shirts. Well pressed trousers, usually of cotton or wool, often with a jacket but no tie.
However, he will wear a suit and tie if the occasion demands it.
Casual Long-sleeved t-shirts or cotton shirts, with jeans or cargo pants, although they would always be clean and smart. Occasionally wears short sleeves, but is more likely to half-roll long sleeves to the middle of his forearms. His casual clothes are always loose enough to fight in if necessary.
Jowan is the son of Elowen, daughter of Daveth Helgram (a younger brother to the old Grand Duke) with Dybele Hendrake. Dybele was disappointed that the child was female, and left the girl with her father, so Elowen was brought up a Helgram.

Until recently, he  was unaware of the identity of his father, knowing only that he was someone his mother met when she was out in Shadow, although he is now coming to terms with the fact that he is the son of Ian Swayville Helgram Barriman, a fact which has recently been updated in the House records.

He was born in House Helgram on 22nd December, some years ago and if asked his age, he’d guess at somewhere in his mid-70s.
Titles, positions and distinctions
Master of the High Redoubt

Viscount Seòras

Commander of Order of the Helgram Lion

Helgram Representative to the Black Zone
Jowan has no known aliases.
Place of interest
Spends most of his time in the Black Zone, where he has a personal fortress called the High Redoubt. His watching brief there is to keep an eye on Helgram interests in the region, and to that end was instrumental in setting up the Zócalo, the Helgram trading base in the region.

He also has a small ways in Helgramways itself, which he calls Seòras.

He has also been known to spend time in both Parys and Amber, although always as a visitor: never claiming any link to the respective Royal Families.
Items and possessions
He will usually be seen wearing an intricate hardened metal wrist guard, three inches wide and washed in gold. It is of a Celtic design of knots and stylised hawks.

He also wears and amythyst ankh on a leather cord around his neck.

When in a combat situation, he carries a blade made of some toughened glass-type material, formed into a hand-and-a-half sword and worn in a scabbard over his back. He seems reasonably competent in its use.
Known abilities and interests
He is a shape shifter and has walked the Logrus. He also seems adept in matters arcane - especially sorcery and conjuration.

He has a good head for business and diplomacy, and seems very well informed about matters in both Thelbane and the Black Zone.

He also appears to have had both military and combat training, as well as some kind of special operations experience.

He speaks several languages; is a noted musician, primarily with the guitar and piano, as well as their Chaos equivalents; and is an exhibiting artist with a preference for sculpture and working in glass.
Trials and tribulations, accomplishments
Problems in his youth with Caine Rilgason, and is on record in the Cathedral of the Serpent as having sworn vendetta against the man.

Had a serious attack of  Logrus madness when he initiated to the Sign of Chaos. However, he has since recovered.

He has worked for the House in a number of capacities, but his most recent accomplishment is the forging of Helgram interests in the Black Zone, and the establishment of the Zócalo.