The Commonwealth: Shigare 

The Lowell Quadrant



Second Veil Defence Pact State

Government: Absolute Duchy

Ruler: Duke Travis Heinmann, KG

Capital City: Tabriz

Lowell acts as the Defensive Member of the Commonwealth, responsible for defending the North-East Quadrant. Heinmann was a former officer in the Reich Heimat-Heer, who defected to Sable early this century, and swore allegiance to King Robert. He was appointed Duke of Lowell and KG as a reward for military services rendered, on the death of the previous Duke without issue, a little under twenty years ago.

Veil One worlds


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Rhaetia Cavelleri

Capital City: Deuce

A temperate Shadow with a wealth of natural resources, both commodity minerals such as iron and copper ore, and precious minerals like gemstones, gold and silver. It is also blessed with rich soil for the production of a staple crops. This combination of fortunes means that Berrin is quite a wealthy Shadow, hosting the largest metals and precious metals exchanges in the Commonwealth outside of the Sable Commodity Exchange, with which it has strong ties.


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Jeremy Braithwaite

Capital City: Tedrin (Eastenra Continent)

Byron has a reputation for being a centre for the arts, as well as the Shadow where a lot of the Commonwealth's greatest scientists and inventors have had their origins. It is comprised of a large archipelago of islands, surrounding two more significant land masses - Northland and Eastenra. Northland is home to Byron College of Conjuration, the largest college specialising in this new field of magic anywhere in Sable and the Commonwealth.

Veil Two worlds


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Council of the rulers of the various landmasses

Ruler: Chief Councillor Ernest Mayar

Capital City: Lebarin

A part-industrialised, part-agricultural world with a number of larger landmasses and some smaller islands. Usually any given landmass will specialise in either agricultural or light industrial activities. Some areas are engaged in forestry, crop and animal farming and market gardening. Others produce clothing, fabrics and light industrial products. It is establishing closer ties with Anghelt for an exchange of raw materials, goods and techniques.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Democracy

Ruler: Prime Minister Marica Dewi

Capital City: Rushwick

A Shadow known as a centre of learning and diplomacy. Rushwick is the home of one of the best universities in the Commonwealth, and the culture of that university town is fairly typical of the towns and cities around the Shadow. As well as intellectual and diplomatic expertise, the Shadow offers a wealth of light industrial products to the Commonwealth, often including new innovations on old themes.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: Queen Erzabet

Capital City: Koln

Karstadt has an interesting combination of some of the best consumer facilities in the Commonwealth, and mass producers of good quality magi-tech items. While the mass production manufacturing processes on Anghelt are more advanced than Karstadt, the latter maintains its reputation for manufacturing a superior product. These products, as well as jewellery, clothes and other consumer items, are for sale in the many new shopping malls and older market-places on Karstadt.

Veil Three worlds


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Hereditary Presidency and Advisory Council

Ruler: President Richard York

Capital City: Chester

A somewhat industrialised Shadow, recently admitted to the Commonwealth. Magic is definitely second to c1990s technology in the make-up of that Shadow, although it is still completely functional. Anghelt supplies low-level industrial machinery which has been converted to run with magi-tech in Sable itself, and more straightforward industrial products to other Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth Shadows.


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Government: Council of Elders

Ruler: Chief Councillor Rojan

Capital City: Bakir

Carrick is a trading Shadow with reasonable links both to its neighbours - Garioch, Karstadt, Blaine and Fraser - and out into the Outer Ring (the Fourth Veil). The Shadow is fairly arid, with an amount of desert, although there are also more fertile areas growing agricultural products and farming sheep, goats and cattle.


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Government: Democracy

Ruler: Prime Minister Fiach Gunnborg

Capital City: Suiker

A largely industrial Shadow of around 1960s tech, .with some links to its surrounding Shadows - especially trading industrial products with Carrick in return for agricultural ones. It is keen to join the Commonwealth, but was most recently rejected as it was consider unready for admission due to the instability of its government, which has a habit of changing on an approximately six-monthly basis.


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Government: Republic

Ruler: President Remus Kychek

Capital City: Minster

A largely industrial Shadow of approximately c1980s tech. While it is a Republic, its government is comparatively restrictive, which is one of the reasons why it was rejected for Commonwealth membership in favour of Anghelt.