The Commonwealth: Shigare 

The Caulder Quadrant



Second Veil Defence Pact State

Government: Absolute Duchy

Ruler: Duke Oswy Marne, KG

Capital City: Ushant

Defensive Member, responsible for the South-East Quadrant of the Commonwealth. Duke Oswy has ruled the Duchy for about sixty years, although he is beginning to consider retirement. He has been training his son, David, to succeed him before he becomes too old to enjoy stepping down from the job, and it is likely that the handover will be within the next five years.

Veil One worlds


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Eliza Yates

Capital City: Leviston

A major trading Shadow, very near in to Sable. While it doesn't have that many resources of its own, Bazan is well placed to act as a point of exchange between those Shadows which surround it, including Berrin, Edran, Hereford and Blaine, as well as into the Kingdom and the Reich.


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Andrew Dale

Capital City: Hessen

A largely sea-based Shadow with a strong maritime tradition. Most of the land is arranged in archipelagos of islands varying in size from less than a mile across, to a couple of hundred miles across. Many of the larger islands are forested, thereby providing timber and other necessaries for shipbuilding. It is a centre for building both merchant and military vessels, and in addition the majority of timber used in the Sable fleet's wooden vessels is produced here.

Veil Two worlds


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Trade Council

Ruler: Chief Councillor Mark Poulter

Capital City: Kedrian

A Shadow with strong trade ties to other countries in the Commonwealth, and also to Sable itself. There are a number of major cities, usually located near the various Royal Ways, and the Shadow thrives by acting as a market place and legal base for settling trade disputes. Other than lawyers, Aracar produces a number of agricultural products, as well as "cottage industry" type products.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: King Charles III

Capital City: Dunstable

A temperate Shadow, with suitable lands for growing cotton and other like products, and also with a lot of sheep farming. Much of the best wool in the Commonwealth comes from Blaine - hence the establishment of the Blaine Wool Market, where wool, cotton, silk and other similar products are now traded by sellers from all over the Commonwealth. The cotton and woollen spinning and weaving industries are strongly represented in the larger cities of the Shadow.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Miles Collier

Capital City: Bromsberrow

A strongly agricultural Shadow, specialising in grain, hops and meat - especially beef and pork. It also has extensive orchards, producing some of the best cider to be found in the Commonwealth (rivalling that made on Weston). It became a Sable governorship by request, after a period of economic instability

Veil Three worlds


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Government: Benevolent Dictatorship

Ruler: President Maria Walsh

Capital City: Revend

Non-Commonwealth commercial Shadow, although it has a reasonable industrial base at c1970s tech. It is currently seeking admission to the Commonwealth for the first time. It is run as a benevolent dictatorship...more in the Roman sense than the Idi Amin sense.


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Government: Elected Government

Ruler: Prime Minister Peter Conway

Capital City: Dene

A basically agricultural state, which has previously applied for membership of the Commonwealth, to be rejected as unready. On more recent visits by Sable dignitaries, some progress was seen to have been made, and negotiations have begun concerning the possibility of a new application for membership.


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Presidential Democracy

Ruler: President Sirius Krychek

Capital City: Peyton

Mainly a trading Shadow, with strong links to the agricultural realms of Blaine and Hereford. In addition, there is a strong fishing tradition on Fraser itself, and there are also a number of industries including spinning and weaving, and light engineering.


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: King Giulio II

Capital City: Milano

The most industrialised Shadow in its region of the Commonwealth, specialising in steel and other metal-based industries, plus some engineering. There is also something of an arms industry, especially closer to Caulder, which it supplies. Industrial products include raw materials. Engineering products include both technological and magi-tech items. Mondadori is a constitutional monarchy, with a full government and an advisory cabinet which reports to the King. Tech level is higher, c1950s, meaning that it could have its markets affected by Alba's entry into the Commonwealth.