The Commonwealth: Shigare 

The Lowell Quadrant



Second Veil Defence Pact State

Government: Absolute Duchy

Ruler: Duke Calen FitzWilliam, KG

Capital City: Grisham

Cadel is a Shadow with a strong military tradition, although no strong trading reputation, in recognition of which it is one of those states classed as a Defensive Member, responsible for defending the South-West Quadrant of the Commonwealth. The Shadow itself has a single large continent of a size and range of climatic conditions similar to Europe including Russia. It produces foodstuffs, materials and industrial products sufficient for the majority of its own needs, although more unusual and luxury items need to be imported. Duke Calen is the acknowledged son of William O'Connor, and has ruled for upwards of 100 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Veil One worlds


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Kristian Crichton

Capital City: Gaushen

Near in to Sable City, Rive is a trading Shadow, but it also has a strong reputation for the arts. Many of the best artists in the Commonwealth come from Rive.


First Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Sable Governorship

Ruler: Governor Andrew Farstow

Capital City: Farstow

A fairly cool, bleak Shadow close in to Sable itself. Ross has a mixture of hill farming, especially sheep and goats, game (notably deer, pheasant, grouse, etc.), mining for common ores such as iron and copper, and rarer ones like tin, and some light industry. A fair amount of spinning and weaving also takes place here, with the fabrics and materials produced rivalling those from Blaine.

Veil Two worlds


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarch

Ruler: King Edward II

Capital City: Hescastle

Haradh is a Shadow with significant fields of fossil fuels and ores. As such, it is one of the major sources of industrial raw materials for other Commonwealth Shadows. It has a particularly strong trading relationship with Lewes, one of its neighbouring Shadows, and there is also a central commodity exchange to enable Haradh's products to be sold into the other Commonwealth realms at the best available prices.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Many city states

Ruler: No overall ruler

Capital City: Multiple

Origin of the Church of Vicenza, a sister Church of the Universal Church (the dominant church within the Reich). The Shadow is blessed with a great deal of fertile land, many lakes and rivers, and a temperate to warm climate, but cursed with an unstable political structure. It is mainly made up of city states, each trying to gain advantage over the other, and this means that the terms of the treaty that brought it into the Commonwealth are rather more complicated than most, seeing as at least a dozen different governments needed to be consulted in its drafting. It was the last Shadow with such an unstable government structure to be admitted to the Commonwealth.


Second Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: Queen Fabienne

Capital City: Roshana

Another continental Shadow with a Mediterranean-style climate. Grain, olives, fruit and vegetables are major products, and there are also significant wine, brewing and distilling industries.

Veil Three worlds


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Multiple governments

Ruler: No overall ruler

Capital City: Multiple

A primarily industrial Shadow, although the industrial and tech levels do vary from country to country (there are three major land masses on the Shadow), meaning that a variety of products are produced here for sale both in the Commonwealth and outside.


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Presidential Democracy

Ruler: President Sybil Lange

Capital City: Seillana

A largely sea-based Shadow. However, Laurus does have one major land mass, Laurisa, which is rich in mineral and ore deposits. The major cities are mainly on the coast of the continent, and a lot of those specialise in heavy industry - at both materials and processing levels. Whereas Edran supplies the majority of supplies for the timber-built vessels of the Sable merchant and naval fleets, Laurus produces both steel ships and metal-based ship components.


Third Veil Commonwealth State

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler: Queen Moyenne

Capital City: Harristoun

A strongly industrial Shadow, with a tech level equivalent to current day Earth. Lewes is one of the main centres of heavy industrial production in the Commonwealth, and is also a producer of manufactured goods for consumers and lighter industry.


Third Veil Non-Commonwealth State

Elected Monarchy with advisory council

Ruler: King Jordan of House McCall

Capital City: Jionar

Industrial Shadow of approximately 1950s technology. It has strong trading links with Gallen and the non-Commonwealth Shadow of Kinan. Rumours are that it will shortly be applying for membership of the Commonwealth.