Welcome to the Sable Game

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) website for the Sable Game, an occasional face-to-face campaign GMed by Trish Hart. Sable Game characters are the trusted agents of the King of Sable, rather being members of the Royal family, and are included in the day-to-day running of the Kingdom, as well as occasionally being asked to perform specific services for the Power that Be.

The game is based on the Amber Diceless Role-playing Game by Erick Wujcik, originally published by Phage Press, although the setting is somewhat different. It also owes part of its origin to the Equinox PBeM, run by Craig Lucas, where Robert de Lacy and the Kingdom of Sable first saw the light of day.

The world of the Sable Game is divided into a number of different worlds, regions and nations, of which the main ones are as follows:

On the Inside

Sable The Kingdom of Sable, Government, Royal Family etc
The Commonwealth The trading Shadows trading shadows with which Sable does business
The Technocracy The central realm between Sable and Aurellis 
The Reich Perennial enemies of the Kingdom of Sable
Der Aussenhandel der Reichsverband The Reich External Trade Association
Valhalla The Halls of the Fallen
The Weimar Republik aka the Fifth Reich - SIS intelligence gathering is ongoing
The Machine The dark opposite of the Technocracy
New Oceania The new threat in Veil 50 of Shadow
Azure The sea realm of Azure, and its Queen, Alison
Argent The sky realm of Argent, and its King, Cathal

On the Outside

Murray Gateway world from the Outside to Sable
Sanguine Gateway world from the Outside to the Reich

The related Aurellis Game, run by Tim Hart, largely takes place on the Outside, although Aurellis itself is on the Inside

Development is an ongoing process, and we apologise for links that are occasionally non-functional.