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Arms of the Technocracy

Note: Information on these pages is OOC knowledge, except with agreement from the Sable GM

The Nexus

Effectively the Primal Pattern of the Technocracy system, at zero degrees on the circle which makes up the centre of the band of Shadow between Aurellis and Sable. The Power is situated within a cavern on Nexus Prime, the home world of the Technocracy, which was formerly one of the interface Shadows between Sable and Aurellis, where the influence of Chaos and Order were in balance. The Central Data Repository (aka the Core) is also located here. When the Nexus was drawn, the Rock of Creation it was on was rewritten and reformed to become a large, futuristic city of 500mn inhabitants, stretching for hundreds of miles in each direction from the Nexus Palace at its centre, until finally giving way to sea in one direction and mountains in the other. The Nexus world itself is now ruled directly by Andrew de Lacy, Prime Interface, and his wife Niamh, ably assisted by their eldest child, Lucy.

The Secondary and Tertiary Nodes

These are located 90 degrees east and 90 degrees west around the central band which makes up the Technocracy Shadows. They take the form of futuristic cities, set on green and pleasant Shadows, with their combined population equalling that of Nexus Prime. They are ruled by Secondary Interface Abigail and Tertiary Interface Jonathan, children of Andrew and Niamh. The Nodes themselves are strong reflections of Nexus Prime, much as Amber is of its Primal Pattern, or Sable is of Terra Magica, the believed home world of the Sable Royal Family.

The Machine

The fourth manifestation of the Nexus Power, situated 180 degrees from the Nexus itself, it is the dark opposite of the Technocracy and the implacable enemy of both the Technocracy itself, and life in general.

The Council of Twenty

The Council were created to assist the Prime Interface in the running of the Technocracy, and deal with a lot of the day to day operations, including organising clearances, maintaining the integrity of the data stream, and monitoring usage. All are strong mages, into whom Andrew imbued a reality well above the human norm, and all are exalted initiates of the Nexus. Except for very rare occasions when the Prime Interface becomes involved, it is the Council who are responsible for overseeing initiation to the Nexus. Ten of the councillors are permanently stationed on on Nexus Prime, with five councillors at each of the Secondary and Tertiary Nodes.

Corrupted Data Sites

Given that major Powers have a tendency to generate a certain number of inferior copies, the existence has been mooted of so-called 'Corrupted Data Sites', as potentially inferior versions of the Nexus and its data stream. Current thinking on the matter is that there could potentially be as many as eight of these - two between each major node point, spaced equally from the nodes, but one above and one below the 'equator' of the Technocracy band. Suggestions of their nature include an incomplete or corrupted copy of the Core data stream, which can be accessed by suitable initiates but with sometimes unusual results; and the possibility that initiates may be able to 'edge walk', although the co-ordinates calculated for their destinations may not be entirely accurate. It is also unknown whether magical ability is needed to access the CDS data streams, or whether the link is closer to the more physical manifestations of the mechanical interfaces devised by the Master of the Machine.