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Thumbnail Sketches of Selected Sable Game Characters

Major Auzella BlakeMajor Auzella Blake, RG

Daughter of Martin, Duke of Richmond, and career military. Zella has been with the Royal Guard for some time, and was recently promoted to Major. In the past few months, she has often been seen in the company of Alex Gibson.

Daniel CarreyDaniel Carrey

Former member of the Sable forces, who left the service after an accident in training. Now acting as a freelance security expert, with a well-established practice in Sable and the Commonwealth.

Centurion Pilot Jack FawkesCenturion Pilot
Jack Fawkes

Master Pilot based out of Aurellis, consulting with the Sable security service on matters to do with the Machine.

Captain Alexander GibsonCapt. Alex Gibson, RN

After a brief transfer to the Royal Guard, Alex has now returned to the Royal Navy where he has been given his first command. While his duties are centred around Murray, he is occasionally called back to Sable when the situation demands it.

His recent experiences have left him with many unanswered questions, and the posting to Murray is an attempt to satisfy these.

Dr Garth MorganGarth Morgan, PhD

Outstanding shapeshifter, with expertise in xenobiology.

Dr Felix RonsonDr Felix Ronson,
First Baron Horsley

Felix is registered as a Doctor of Magic with SMC, but his primary occupation is as a civil servant and analyst working for the government.

He holds the KCG, and was recently raised to the peerage for services rendered to the Crown.

Captain Matthew TysonCapt. Matthew Tyson, MD

Field surgeon in the Royal Medical Corps. Much more concerned with healing the damage afterwards, than participating in the battle.

As an adept of both the scalpel and shape changing, he spends much of his spare time dispensing his skills to the poor and needy...and impersonating the odd god.

Captain Julian BondCapt. Julian Bond, RN (rtd)

Former Captain in the Royal Navy, retired. Generally known as a playboy and man about town, as well as a denizen of the city's casinos. However, he has proven himself to be very good in a fight.

A series of novels purporting to describe his exploits as a gentleman spy are very popular around Sable and the Commonwealth.

Julian recently undertook a change of appearance for tax reasons.

James Pierpoint CookeJames Pierpoint Cooke

JP Cooke is a well-known figure in the Sable financial community, as well as being a registered mage.

Captain Gideon GableCapt. Gideon Gable,

Gideon was brought up in one of the poorer areas of the Commonwealth, and had something of a wild childhood before he was invited to join the Army.

He was quickly transferred to the Sable Guard as an NCO. Then, after proving himself there, he was transferred to the Royal Guard, and put through officer training, where he graduated as a lieutenant.

Having completed his doctorate and term of service, Gideon is now lecturing in magic. His time is split bewteen the SMC and Sandhurst.


Grand Pilot Rebecca von KleistGrand Pilot Rebecca
von Kleist

Rebecca von Kleist was born and bred in the Reich, but moved to Sable several years ago, where she is one of the few registered Grand Pilots in the Sable Guild of Pilots.

In recent times, she has often been seen in the company of Comte Francesco Ragoczy

Constable Karl Peter SchwarzbachKarl Peter Schwarzbach

Child of an ex-Reich family. Fine upstanding member of the Royal Sable Mounted Police, in which capacity he can be relied upon to keep order in his area in his own inimitable style.

He is pictured here in 'covert uniform'.

Anna-Lise, Baroness HorsleyAnna-Lise Ronson,
Baroness Horsley

Daughter of Albrecht and Margeret Kreuger, the Count and Countess of Corbridge, Anna-Lise has had a successful career as a Freelance Journalist and occasional consultant In the latter capacity, she was awarded the CKS.

She married Dr Felix Ronson in July SY152, in a ceremony that was rather more eventful than either the bride or the groom might have wished.

Cuthbert Deyne-MychelCuthbert Deyne-Mychel

Society Artist, with a reputation for producing good work. Also has a line of wallpaper.