In Today's Papers...


News Headlines, Year 156

Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers, which serve as a game timeline. The most recent stories are at the top.

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
6 December Due to an incident on the former Weimar world of Esben, that Shadow is now under quarantine.  
5 December Sable and Technocracy forces offer their assistance for reconstruction and stabilisation to a number of worlds from which Weimar forces have retreated.  
1 December   The Reich will be sending military advisors to the worlds of Sarendon, Tankarat and Baledevar, in the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first Veils of Shadow, respectively, to support the withdrawal of Weimar forces from those worlds.
29 November Weimar forces have withdrawn from a number of Shadows previously under partial or majority control.  
21 October Reports suggest that all contact between the Weimar Republik and many of its formerly subjugated worlds have been broken.  
10 October Signs of cracks in the Weimar Republik's control of a number of Shadow are becoming evident. Sable and Technocracy forces are on hand to monitor the situation.
1 October According to a press release from Bridge House, Sable forces achieve a significant strike against the Weimar Republik.
24 September Attempts by an Argent agitator to cause a war between Sable and its ally in the sky investigated and averted. However, the main agitator escaped justice.  
1 August   Das Schwarze Korps: The Formannehmen Staatspolizei has established a branch office in the Weimar Republik. We look forward to working closely with our counterparts in that realm.
13 July The Foreign Office is studying the implication of the fact that New Oceania has established full diplomatic relations with the Weimar Republik.
1 June Destruction of a major Weimar-operated concentration camp on the Shadow of Yavor. Many shapeshifters released.  
30 May Potential diplomatic incident with the Reich, with regard to the desecration of a grave within Embassy grounds, investigated and averted. Silver dragon seen flying over Sable City.  
17 April Major Machine installation in Veil 26 destroyed by Sable forces.  
22 March Assassination attempt against Field Marshal Prince William, during a military review of Sable Forces in the Silver Shadow, foiled..  
31 January Rumours have reached this publication of Shadows within the Machine Exclusion Zone suffering from weak borders, and the appearance of so-called ghosts. The Sable Foreign Office confirms that this is no cause for alarm.  
17 January Daring mission to the world of Yavor releases a number of Sable citizens held as political prisoners by the Weimar Republik.  
1 January 156 HRH Duke Michael tenders his resignation as Chief Administrator of the Sable Royal Hospital, and cuts back his consulting hours to two days a week.