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News Headlines, Year 155

Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers, which serve as a game timeline. The most recent stories are at the top.

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
21 September 155 Sable diplomatic mission attends the wedding of Dr Curt Koen and Monica d'Cruze in Constantine, southern capital of New Oceania  
8 September 155 Sable forces make first contact with a previously unknown civilisation in Veil 25 - investigations ongoing  
1 September 155 The Sable Government passes a motion to pursue initial diplomatic approaches to the government of New Oceania.  
25 June 155 Rock band Grace Under Pressure attacked by terrorists on the world of Cheyne. Two members of the band killed.
18 June 155 The Meteorological Service is pleased to announce that there was no repeat of last year's freak June blizzard
1 June 155 Forward base 6, Mondanao, goes dark: Sable agents sent to investigate; discovery of a new model of Machine drone
21 May 155 SS Honour Court into events on Keigar exonerates Grpf Krauss of all mis-conduct; Hptf Hermann Olsen found guilty of treason and shot.
10 May 155 Attempt by agents provocateur to restart hostilities between Sable and the Reich on the world of Keigar defeated by Sable agents
4 May 155 Reports coming in that Sable-sponsored terrorists staged an assassination attempt on Grpf Fabien Krauß, Commander, Reich forces, Keigar. Is this war?
16 April 155 Machine attempt to enslave the world of Denison thwarted; Prince Michael leading the team helping the victims
1 April 155 His Majesty the King is pleased to appoint his grandson, Prince Thomas as Viceroy of the Silver Shadows
23 March 155   His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser Wilhelm, welcomes the Westphalia Goup into the Außenhandel der Reichsverband: General Conrad Berthelmes is appointed as the Group's Reichsprotektor
6 February 155    Princess Wilhelmina yesterday returned to full Royal duties, and has once again taken up the position as Chancellor of Berlin University
2 January 155  Reports coming in that a satisfactory conclusion has been reached regarding the future of Shadow Kuzon    
1 January 155 Happy New Year to all our readers

Full diplomatic relations established between Sable and the Reich, with the upgrading of the Reich Consulate to a full Embassy.

Full diplomatic relations established between the Fatherland and the Kingdom of Sable.