The Sable Magic System


Sable Magic Costings

The cost of Sable magic varies, depending on the ability and flexibility the character requires.


Cost: 10 points (or chosen mage level plus 5 points)

Choose one particular Sensitive ability, for example sensing magic, spotting black magic, empathy with others, Second Sight, etc.


Cost: 15 points

This is pretty much the ADRPG book version of sorcery, although without the existence of lynch-pins, and about 60% of Sable mages will only attain this level.

All spells detailed in the individual classes of magic under "basic" are available at this point value. Those who have limited Talent, or do not wish to pursue their studies any further, or in exceedingly rare circumstances, even have no Talent at all but a strong mind, can cast basic spells. To do so does take time and the mages need to rack spells in racking items (usually their mage's Signet). Developing new spells at this level is possible if the Talent is present, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Mages of this level can cast spells into items and machines (including magical "on" and "off" switches), and have them running in those items and machines - the batteries to power Sable tech - although the spells do need to be maintained and refreshed, the frequency varying depending on the innate magical field of the world on which the item is situated.

In addition, some mages of this level will learn up to partial specialisation in a single area, although usually they will be the ones who have the potential to attain a Masters or Doctorate later on.


Cost: 20 points

This is where 35% of the rest of the Sable mages are pitched, and it cannot be reached without the Talent present and stronger than normal. If they are to strongly specialise, they need to buy to at least this level of ability, and are likely to leave mage college with two classes of magic at "partial" level, or possibly one at "full" and one at "partial" if particularly skilled.

The major differences here are that spells only take 5-10 minutes to cast from scratch, and in addition, can be racked mentally - thus dispensing with the need for racking items - although about ten spells remains the upper limit of what can realistically be maintained. Development of new spells is faster, and the mages have a lot more flexibility in what they can do.

Spells cast at this level can also be built into items to provide a power source - for example the spell that heats the water to fire the boiler of a steam train - and have the advantage that they decay more slowly than those cast by lower-level mages, and therefore need to be maintained less frequently.


Cost: 25 points

This is the highest normally attainable for a non-Royal-blooded Sable mage. Only about 5% of all mages are good enough to reach this level of ability (or 1 in 20,000 of the Sable population). A Doctor will usually be well specialised in three areas of magic, and either have one "full" specialisation and two "partial" ones, or possibly two "full" and one "partial", if particularly skilled. In addition, Doctors are able to take specific specialisations such as forensics to extend investigative, or surgery to extend healing, although if they have taken the specialisation route they are more likely to have other classes to "partial" level, depending on the age and skill of the mage.

Here spells take just a couple of minutes to cast from scratch. Mental racking is again available, with maintenance less frequently required, and taking slightly less time. However, the ten-spell limit still applies. Mages are also even quicker at working out new spells, or variations on old ones.

Mages of this ability can cast spells into items, to power the tech, which are semi-permanent in duration. They will need to be renewed eventually, but months or even years can pass, depending on the spells, before this is necessary.

The Royal Family

Not available to starting PCs

Certain members of the Royal Family have in the past exhibited magical skills which seem to be even beyond the ability of a full Doctor of Magic. Spell casting is to all intents and purposes instantaneous. Think it and it happens. Likewise, there is far more flexibility for developing new spells. In addition, the duration of spells built into Sable tech is effectively permanent.

In addition, at all levels, spells can be augmented by other Powers, such as Broken Pattern and Trump, at a cost of 15pts per Power. Limits to the number of classes in which full or partial specialisation can be obtained, or whether they can take a specific specialisation, can be raised depending on the age of the mage and whether they have spent time studying further once they've obtained their Masters or Doctorate.