The Sable Magic System



For some years there has been a movement within the magical community to formally separate Communications and Transport magics, and this has finally been enacted by the SMOC. Communications magics mainly deal with long-distance contacts.

Basic Level

All mages leave college with the abilityability to communicate with the mind of another willing person is achieved, although it has to be at a very short range: preferably with eye contact or touch to ensure the link. For "Real" people, this is more natural than for normal Sable mages. Also, the ability to project a vocal message is achieved, although it is only clearly comprehensible within a limited range. In addition, a knowledge of how to use items such as comms crystals is taught at basic level.

Partial Specialisation

For communications, mental communication becomes easier at close range. Also, mages with a partial specialisation can set up the magical links for things like comms crystals, and good, old fashioned, telephones, both of which can be used by the non-Talented, although the actual items need to be made by experts; or make audio recordings and place them into recording crystals.

Full Specialisation

Long-distance telepathy becomes viable - as long as a link is established between the two people concerned beforehand. In mental work, if the two parties are close sometimes a spontaneous link builds up between them, which could be anything from just a presentiment of danger to the other, to an actual knowledge of the well-being of the other and an ability to feel for them at will and communicate.

The ability to project full "holographic" images is also covered under full comms specialisation: both audio and visual. Limited visual recordings are possible (but see also Entertainment Magic).

Related Studies

For comms crystals and telephones, a rough knowledge of the physics of sound is useful. Likewise, a rough knowledge of the physics of light is handy for holography.

Specific Specialisation: Battle Communciations

This is where a mage can co-ordinate a number of sources of information and communication, in a logical order, and relay messages to other persons. In addition, the logistics of getting people and supplies to the right places at the right times would be included. The most common use of this is in battle, hence the name of the sub-category, although any situation where multiple lines of communication need to be monitored, maintained, and acted upon would use this same skill.

Specific Specialisation: Building Communications Devices

The ability to actually make and build devices such as comms crystals, recording crystals and telephones is a common specialisation within the field of transport and communications. It has also been extended into illusory and entertainment magic with the advent of audio broadcasting and holographic entertainment.

Specific Specialisation: Intel/Counter-Intel Magic

This is a crossover specialisation with high-level investigative magics. Intel mages are better than most at long-distance scanning and investigation. They can also use spells to infiltrate and gain information. Then they can use specific methods to communicate out that information. Intel magics also include intercepting magical transmissions, and some skill at decoding encrypted information, plus working on ways to avoid the above being done to their side. Cryptography is also included within this specialisation.