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Magic in the Technocracy

Like the rest of the Sable-Aurellis system, magic is available in the Technocracy. However, it is not the primary method of powering technology the way it is in Sable, for example. Technocracy magic is not as powerful as Terra Magica/Aurellis magic, although it is related, and to a visitor from either of the poles, the Technocracy Shadows seem to have significantly weaker magical fields than they are used to. However, it is functional, and it is possible to go to college to study magic. The communications magic used to interface into the Core is taught at these colleges, and the majority of students go to college to ultimately become Interfaces. However, initiation to the Nexus is not obligatory for a graduate of mage college.

Bachelor level

This is pretty much the book version of sorcery, although without the existence of lynch-pins. It is related to Sable magic to a degree, although not all spells detailed in that section are available: students are already expected to have specialised to a degree, and will be au fait with five or six disciplines. About 70% of Technocracy mages are at this level.

This is the minimum required level of magic to become an Assisted Magical Interface. If a student wishes to become an Interface, then one of the disciplines they will have studied is the specific magics related to communication with the Nexus Core. This discipline will allow them to establish a mental connection with the Nexus Core after about a minute's thought. Once the connection is established, the link between Interface and Core is quite fast, although not instantaneous. An Interface of this level can access up to the middle levels of the Core data.

Master level

This is where 25% of the rest of the Technocracy mages are pitched, is the minimum magical ability required to become an Advanced Assisted Magical Interface, and it cannot be reached without the Talent present and stronger than normal. If a mage is to strongly specialise, they need to buy to at least this level of ability.

The major differences here are that spells only take 5-10 minutes to cast from scratch, and in addition, can be racked mentally - thus dispensing with the need for racking items - although about ten spells remains the upper limit of what can realistically be maintained. Development of new spells is faster, and the mages have a lot more flexibility in what they can do.

As far as communication with the Nexus is concerned, if the mage has chosen to be an Interface, they can establish a mental connection with the Core with about thirty seconds of thought. Interfaces of this level can access data up to the higher levels of the Core.

Doctorate level

The highest normally attainable for a normal, Shadow-blooded Technocracy mage. Only about 5% of all mages are good enough to reach this level of ability (or 1 in 20,000 of the Technocracy population).

Here spells take just a couple of minutes to cast from scratch. The mental racking is again available, with maintenance taking slightly less time, and can be less frequent. However, the ten-ish spell limit still applies. Mages are also even quicker at working out new spells, or variations on old ones.

Communication with the Nexus is constant and instantaneous, although part of the training for a mage at this level is they can effectively demote Nexus communication to a 'background job'. Interfaces of this skill have access to the majority of information within the Core, unless it has been denied to them by the Prime Interface. Mage-Technicians like the Council of Twenty will be of this level.