The Kingdom of Sable


King Robert of Sable

King Robert of SableFor as long as anyone can remember - indeed, throughout the history of the land - Robert de Lacy has has been the duly anointed King of Sable: a period of time significantly longer than his apparent age would suggest. This has been variously ascribed to the mystical Power which the Royal family is supposed to have access to, his known skill as a mage, and other even stranger rumours that he and his family are, in fact, immortal.

It is believed that his origin, and therefore that of the Royal Family, is not from Sable and its surrounds. However no indication has been discovered from whence else they might have come, although there is a strange note in the transcripts of his Coronation, in the very dim and distant past, that he was crowned King and Creator of Sable. The reasons for this are now lost to memory.

Most of the time, his monarchy is a supervisory one: he leaves the government of his lands to his ministers, giving Royal consent to the legislation they wish to pass, and mainly concentrates on State and Royal appearances and visits, his own pursuits - such as painting, at which he is good enough to exhibit, and music, where he is an accomplished pianist and plays clarinet - and his family, to whom he seems devoted.

In addition, he regularly teaches forensic magic at the Sable Mage College...a duty he seems to enjoy, although when he first proposed it, the other tutors at the College were taken aback to say the least. Perhaps the fact that he is the foremost forensics mage in the Kingdom, as well as being one of the best mage-healers, especially in troubles of the mind, helped to persuade them that wishing to teach was more than a Royal affectation.

The main occasions when he puts aside his hands-off approach to the Kingdom, and gets actively involved as ruler, are the thankfully infrequent periods of trouble or unrest among the neighbouring Shadows, and at times of significant threat from the Reich. However, even at these times, he is always careful not to act in a despotic manner. The arrangement is acceptable to his government, and goodwill exists between Crown and State, and the people and their King.

Queen Claire, DG

Queen Claire of SableThroughout his reign, King Robert has shared the throne with his wife, Claire, and even after all this time, they still appear to be very much in love. She, too, is known to be Talented, as are their three older children together: Alison of Azure, Cathal of Argent and Princess Emily. 

She is a warm, quiet, and infinitely patient person who takes pleasure in helping others. She is a mage-surgeon of considerable skill, working at Sable Royal Hospital on a semi-regular basis, in and among her other duties. However, she also manages to assert her place within the Royal Palace, managing to keep her husband's extensive family in order.

Like King Robert, her origins are blurred, especially as it is rumoured that she has Powers unlike anyone else in the realm of Sable, with the exception of Prince Gwillym, who has been her student. It is known that she has links to the Logrus Realm of Aurellis, founded by Roland, Pater Deorum, an old friend of her husband's, and she is the younger sister of Roland's wife, Sian.